Still My Son

Assembling an army to end preventable stillbirths



3/14/17 Feeling little flutters of movement since week 8 or 9 when I’m laying down, meditating or resting. Could it be our little sweet pea?? It’s a bit earlier than most people feel the movements, but it’s my 5th pregnancy…

Loss Journey

Here she is again; That viscous, heartless bitch, grief. She has no care for what day it is. She storms in, flinging the door wide open whenever she damn well pleases and ruins everything; Holidays, anniversaries, special occasions are all…

Loss Journey

“Is she your only child?” That’s a question I’m still struggling to decide how to answer. Often asked harmlessly by acquaintances, like last week at a kid’s party, it’s a question that throws me into a downward spiral for days….

Loss Journey

Little Heartbreaker Our beloved, beautiful son Too perfect for this earth Forget other heartbreaks This one is by far the worst Thinking of him always The boy who stole my heart Forever mommy’s angel Forever together and yet apart Loving…