Another Week Closer & Feeling the First Kicks (PAL Journal: 16-17 Weeks)


Little Jax finally decided to give me a few good kicks this morning! I felt the little thumps while laying in bed before getting up. Daddy gave me his extra egg and toast with strawberry jelly, maybe Jax likes daddy’s cooking? Makes me feel so much better to feel him move finally.

Our apt is today and I feel a little less anxious now, though I always worry on apt days. First day taking the new van, so I’m excited Naomi won’t be miserable on the long ride to Santa Monica anymore watching her movie in her big comfy van. We bought if for the kids but I’m loving all the convenient features too.

Can’t wait to see you Jax! Praying you’re growing perfectly in there. Been singing you your song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, every morning and during the day. Hope you hear it and love it, although I’m not the best singer but Judy Garland is singing along with me so I think it probably sounds good to you! Love you to the moon and back.

Your first book arrived today! So excited to start reading these rhymes to you.
Couldn’t resist buying this little set for you today. Maybe you will be a baller like your daddy??
Can just imagine us going to daddy’s game and watching him play with you in this cute basketball outfit.
End of the 16th week, now 17 weeks. (Photo taken a day late)


Dreamt I was feeling Jax move like crazy. Woke up happy but realized it was a dream. Felt like I had some movement the night before but I couldn’t tell if it was my food digesting or the baby. (Oh the joy of the traumatized loss mom brain! I was so anxious to start feeling movements so I could begin tracking them!)

I love that big sister took all these photos for me. It’s a special memory I have with her (even if she probably doesn’t remember it).